Cash Line Of Credit/Choosing A Consulting Company

Cash Line of Credit

Most banks offer business cash lines of credit. The terms, rates and requirements for these lines of credit vary from bank to bank. When applying for a cash line of credit, you can use your bank or you can use our bank contacts.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to help you obtain a cash line of credit. Doing so would be dishonest and unethical. No one other than a bank can guarantee the approval of a cash line of credit. We have access to bank programs that range from $50k – $2MM. All line of credit applications are pursuant to our “Funding Agreement” document.

We suggest that our clients build a substantial amount of active business credit BEFORE applying for a cash line of credit. Having said that, occasionally, we have clients who have strong personal credit profiles and they wish to apply for a business cash line of credit. We will help them, if that is the route they choose – but we cannot, will not and will never guarantee the approval of cash credit in any amount.

Choosing a Consulting Company

We have a list of don’ts that we suggest for our clients. Take a few minutes and review.

Some of the best advice we can give our clients is…

-never work with a company that guarantees cash credit.

-never work with a company that is not completely honest and up front with you.

-never work with a company who claims that they sell “cash lines of credit.”

-never work with a company that suggests that you falsify or forge financial or tax documents.

-never work with a company that sells entities with cash or vendor credit attached.