DB Matterhorn Group

“Moving tomorrow forward!”

DB Matterhorn Group is a Small Business Capital Funding Consulting Firm. Our mission is to provide an effective financial funding solution that delivers exceptional results to our clients. Our approach towards providing you an effective solution for your operations, expansion & growth, or commercial real estate funding needs, begins with our team of seasoned professional that are able to truly assess your capital funding requirements. Our proprietary process is unsurpassed in the industry today. Our clients are assured,  and fully understands, that their capital funding requirements will include a strategy encompassing a debt or equity structure that  will coincide with the projected financial analysis. These solutions will create a favorable, and amenable position for both you and the investor.

Our core competencies are:

  • Venture and Private Equity Capital Funding
  • Financial Accounting Consulting
  • Business Management / Positioning
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Instrument Monetization – Maximum LTV
  • Short Term Funding

As your funding consultant, we work as an extension of your management team.  Our objective is to facilitate your funding requirements through our various resources and partnerships. Our process is to first position your company as suitable with either a traditional bank, non-traditional bank, angel investor, venture capitalist, private equity firm, or alternative financing. This positioning is a vital component towards obtaining funding, and varies with each funding avenue. Positioning supersedes your financials, presentation, industry conditions, revenues, and distribution channels. DBMG analyzes or creates the critical data necessary to achieve the right positioning for the selected funding resource.