New Company Process

Step One: Corporate Formation

You can either use an existing LLC/Corporation, create a new one, OR you can purchase a Seasoned Entity. There are pros and cons to both. The solution that is best for your budget, time frame and goals can be thought through with one of our consultants.

Step Two:  Build Business Credit

We can help you build an average of $250,000 in business vendor credit. We have the knowledge, resources and the ability to help you build business credit with or without a personal guarantee and personal credit check.

Step Three:  Cash Line of Credit Application

Once you have enough active and reporting vendors, you can consider applying for a cash line of credit. You can use a bank that is local to you, or you can use some of our bank contacts. The terms, conditions and requirements vary bank to bank. We make no guarantees about our ability to help our clients apply for cash credit. No one other than a bank can guarantee funding.

Step Four:  SBA Loans/Micro Loans

Other business funding options are SBA Loans and /or Micro Loans. Both SBA Loans and Micro Loans require a significant amount of documentation and paperwork. It is likely that your local bank can help you with SBA Loans and we can help you through the process with both loans resources.

Step Five:  Persistence

Keep being a good steward of  the credit you have been granted. Maintain a positive reputation for your business by being honest with the banks and vendors that you are working with. Keep building vendor credit.