Important Information

DB Matterhorn Group (DBMG) is not a bank, not a lender and does not give any form of pre-approval for a line of credit in any way, shape or form. The client is aware and understands that DBMG will try to find the best banking/funding programs for them, but DBMG  makes no representation as to the banking/funding programs available. No guarantees are being made regarding funding. DBMG is not guaranteeing that a line of credit will be obtained as this is out of their control, but they will make their best reasonable effort to help the client obtain funding. DBMG is not officially affiliated with any banks or lenders. However, DBMG does use local, national, and regional banks as lenders and a source to obtain capital for our clients’ . DBMG does not have an official tie to any bank or lending institution  DBMG is a consulting and marketing company. The advice given is not to be substituted for the advice of an attorney. This information is provided to you as a service. The publisher is not offering legal, accounting or any other professional service.  DBMG has a zero tolerance policy for fraud and deception.

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